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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Havoc on the beats and the rhymes, certified hotness

Get Off My D*ck!!!! (no weezy and baby makeout session)

Yessir, since the aftermath of 9/11, wait first let me clarify. Im not talking about this one, no no, not in the slightest. Im talking about the tragedy that occurred when Prodigy was plastered on that summer jam screen, forever changing his life and robbing him of his swagger. (Yes this did occur a few months prior to the album dropping, but you catch the drift, it was a tragedy, just roll with me on this) Now during these dreadful times, things were very difficult for hip-hop's favorite midget thug tandem, Mobb Deep. Many wondered if there would ever be able to recover from such a catastrophe, and they've done the best that they could have since then, with Infamy, Amerikkas Nightmare and the just terrible Blood Money(ggggggg.....um not really). On all these these LPs, we've listened to Prodigy fall farther and farther away from his glory days, but during this time, we've also heard Havoc(the darker one) get on his mutha-effin grizzly. Every single one of these albums only cemented him as the member who was really holding the crew down, beat and lyric wise.

Now back in my younger days, I never gave Havoc a fighting chance. My whole stance on him was that his beats were off the meat rack, but his rhymes were just ehhh. The Infamous, Hell On Earth Murda Muzik and especially H.N.I.C were all classics, because of Hav's beats and Pee's rhymes. Well as we grow in age, sometimes we are graced with a bit of wisdom, and Im not ashamed to say that I was all wrong about the dark one, Havoc. Not only have his production skills sharpened to just pure cracktastic hotness(fully loaded clip anyone?) but his bars are what held me down while Pee was trying to find himself. All of the heat he was laying down can be summed up in one hell of a verse which he laid on "Got It Twisted":

Yo..yo..ain't no party once we crash the party
I'ma scoop shorty then vacate the party
You keep grillin I pump-pump the shotty
Put you in the trunk then dump-dump the body
Nigga you don't know, you better ask somebody
Ya'll get down, we gonna clash probably
Peel snowflake outta that Abercrombie
I'm tryna rip Britney, so I made Jive sign me, nigga
Catch me in the club with a double edge banger
I'm the wrong one to fuck with
Ya'll know the promoters I'm in with the muskette
Pound of that haze and a box of Dutches
High to the cottonmouth, paranoid
Make the wrong move, bitch, and your ass is out
Like M.O.P., nigga, I'll mash you out
If I can't get you here, swing by your house, muthafucka

The nigga just went in on this. Yea it was for the single, and reading it may make it underwhelming, BUT, all I know is when I and a lot of other people heard it, they stated to pay a lot more attention to what darkie was saying. Especially since Pee was still in post-takeover therapy. This leads us to my whole point of this post. Havoc is FINALLY droppin his own album on his own beats, and I'm already calling it certified hotness. He's got this video thats been circling around the net for a few months playing on of the songs on his new joint, Aptly called "Get off my dick." (no midget love scene) Im putting my hot sh*t stamp all over this. This is one of those rare things in rap that cant be wack. (He's Got BE THERE already bubbling like a bad window tint, sh*t is serious jones) Even if the rhymes are utter trash, I already know that the beats will sound like he made them in a New York sewer next to one of those legendary alligators that live down there, or is it crocodiles. In fact, this may be what NY needs right now, since they too often sound as lost as Pee did. So on sept 18th a week after Kanye and 50 are done fighting, do yourself a favor and go cop that joint, or at least download it and write the titles on the disc, cant ask for too much nowadays.

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Gutter music at its finest...this will bang.....wont it? Hell effin Yeah!!!

Yes just so no one thinks im un-fair, Pee did sound like he found pieces of his former self on RETURN OF THE MAC, but this is a HAVOC post. Even still, here's some bonus jumpoff love (No Homo)

It was damn good to hear him back. Notice it took a live west coast nigga on the hook to jump it all the way off tho. Its still Westside all day, but good hip-hop is good hip-hop...


Hell Rell, the DipSet, and the Ether trail that follows.....

*Sighs* What the hell is wrong with Ruger Rell? Better question; What the hell is wrong with Dip Set this summer? Best Question; Will someone please tell these nigs to stop sonning themselves with these video interviews?! First Cam in his boxers(no homo, jewelz santana) and now Ruger in the studio with the guy who runs his myspace, most definitely not a good look.

For those that dont know, the Boogeymanfeatured in this video is Hell "Ruger" Rell. Member of the dipset repping Bronx, NY. (shouts to BX!!) He's been down with the click since 2002, I mean 2004, and he's got an album droppin on June 28th. Now I know that today is July 14th, but dont tell Rell that. He's tired of you d'bags thinking his album is not dropping. If you dont believe him: "Look at my neck and my wrist stoopid!!" (you tell em Rell, that usually deads the arguement).

Besides, at the end of the day, the question is, do the people love you? Because Ruger Rell here? He has anywhere to 20-30 million people waiting outside for him to sign autographs DAILY! That would make him bigger than the freakin' BEATLES right? (take that United Kingdom!!). So chill out Bleek, your not hot (You've dropped 4 albums to his none, but logic holds no place here).

Did you forget he was in Killa Season? Did you forget that the movie went platinum? No you didnt. You prolly didnt know that movies can go platinum did you? Well know this. Not only is Ruger turning scripts down, he did the movie BEFORE the album came out stoopids!!! You guys really need to stop asking when his album is coming out. He's quite busy being a star. You see in the dipset universe on harlem sector 7.253z, the rules of reality, logic, common sense and knowing when to just shut the hell up, DO NOT apply. No, in their world,
small pools are olympic sized to them Missed album released dates and numbers that dont match up to you is pure stupidity, to them, your just a hater cuz you aint in the dips. Rell says: "Im in blockbuster c*cksucker!!!" (so is steel magnoilias, whoop-dee-doo)

Monney (yes monney) thru Sunday, he's in the clubs, what you want him to name the hot spots? Monday:Club Soul, Tuesay:Sue's, Wednesday is whatever day, Thursday is Spa Day, Friday: Mars 2112, Saturday he's in the hood gettin high and Sunday is Duvae. You see, they're everywhere, where YOU be at? Rell just ordered the Aston Martin DB9 which is being shipped to him directly stoopid.

But the crown jewel moment of this whole video fiasco is when Ruger was asked about Hov. Realizing that those planet Harlem rules dont apply in planet Hovito, he was forced to quickly eat a slice of Humble pie, telling us that "They're in different lanes..." Which proves my whole point. There is always a bigger fish, always someone with a bigger chain, bigger rep and better dental plan. So the best course of action is shaddup and do you.

I for one think that the Dipset need to put a gag order on themselves. No more video interviews,

60 minute interviews(fire your publicist, NOW)
, or stop thru visits on Hot 97. Any futher action could be more detrimental than the damage already done(and oh yea, its a lot). At this rate, they'll be self-etherized by the Holidays. (aww no dipset xmas part 2?!!)

This is probably going in one ear and out the other. They prolly just think that Im another hater, mad cuz he's not down wit the dips. So screw it *sighs* dipset all day, bird gang, capo status......

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Yea Yea Bird Gang....

Album droppin September 11th....(maybe, I heard this is 50s date too)

Shouts to Doug E Fresh....

hussle crowe

Bonus Video: Cam and Dame Bill O'Reilly Classic Jumpoff